The Kit

Unlock the Secret to the world-famous Rubik's® Cube and use the Cube as a motivating classroom activity.

Are you an educator or youth organization leader seeking to use the Rubik's Cube at your organization to teach topics ranging from STEM to art to 21st Century Skills?

New for 2014 we offer two great options to bring the educational benefits, challenge and fun of the Rubik's Cube to your classroom or youth organization. Available to educators and youth organization leaders only in the USA and Canada.

Redesigned Education Kit - Featuring 12 Official REDESIGNED Rubik's Cubes

  • Tough new tiles - no more stickers - after 40 years it is finally cheat proof!
  • Slick new patented mechanism makes the cube smoother, faster and stronger
  • $124.99
  • Pre Order Now - limited 2014 supply
  • Available July 2014

Boxed Set - 12 gently used Rubik's Cubes plus 12 printed 4/C solution guides

  • $74.99 with Free Shipping
  • Available Now and while supplies last

Education Kit

Each education kit, above, includes an Instructional Curriculum CD. However, many teachers prefer the printed, 10 booklet, 4/C set.

A companion to the Education Kit, the Instructional Curriculum expands upon the Solution Guide and creates a complete standards-based curriculum to teach solving the Rubik's Cube. The curriculum includes everything instructors need to lead students through the solving stages while incorporating a number of strands including Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Problem Solving.

Each book is in full-color and focuses on one of the stages to solve the cube and includes objectives, review from the previous lesson, a whole class lesson, lesson vocabulary, instructional pictures to guide the teacher, a PowerPoint/Document Camera visual aid, differentiation activities, math lesson extensions and examples, trivia, evaluation expectations, and a home connection. The Curriculum comes with a CD containing the PowerPoint presentations for each lesson and PDF's of each whole class and differentiation activity.

Purchase a Curriculum set -
includes an Instructional Curriculum CD.

Printed Instructional Curriculum only $94.95.

Free Downloads - English and en Española

"Unlock the Secret" today - download or view the 6 stage Solution Guide. Reward yourself with a certificate.

Teaching or learning with a group? Print a few solution guides. Review and print the teaching tips and check list. Then print a few certificates and posters to create a Rubik's Cube event.

Need extra printed Solution Guides or T-Shirts and Medals as rewards?

Image of the Did It t-shirt

Currently the special merchandise is available only to educators and youth organizations in the USA