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A Rubik’s Poem

A Rubik’s Poem

Thanks to Dan Van der Vieren (aka “Mr. VdV”) in Colorado for answering our challenge and writing the following poem for #NationalPoetryDay on Twitter! The poem was posted in couplets, in a total of 12 tweets over two days. Very creative!

At first, my students were at a loss

When I told them they must “solve for the cross”

One said with mismatched cubies, “I got a face!”

I grinned and replied, “Your edges are misplaced.”

I showed him the error; “Turn it this way.”

He put down the Cube; “I'm done for the day.”


The very next morning, he greeted me with a Cube.

“Mr. VdV, I have been watching YouTube!”

I told him, “Great! Can you show me right here?”

As I reached for a mixedup Cube by Abe's ear.

He grabbed the Cube and started to twist.

He nodded at each turn like he'd followed a list.


“Awesome! Now how about layer two?”

“Uh, not yet. I don't know what to do.”

“Follow these steps, it's not too bad.”

His eyes got wide; I must have scared the lad!

He came to me the next day with a smile.

“I think I got it, but it took me awhile!”


“Show me!” I said, as he grabbed his hexahedron.

Within two short minutes, he was completely done.

With a cry of victory, he shouted “Sweet!”

I winked and said, “You've got my time to beat!”

Days after that, more students were solving,

And now, I'm proud to say, the program's evolving!

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