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World’s Best Compete at Inaugural Red Bull Rubik’s Cube Championship

Four Different Countries Podium in Three Different Game modes, Including First Women-Only Track at Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship

World’s Best Compete at Inaugural Red Bull Rubik’s Cube Championship

BOSTON, MA (September 22, 2018) – At the inaugural Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship in Boston, MA, the reigning speedcubing record holder, Australian Feliks Zemdegs, once again proved he has the fastest skills when it comes to cubing. The World Championship event was a culmination of qualifiers held in 12 countries over six months and awarded first, second and third place prizes in three head-to-head game modes: Speed Cubing, Fastest Hand, Re-Scramble and a first-ever Women-Only track.

Australia’s Zemdegs flew the furthest from home and scored the tournament’s only sub-five seconds en route to claiming victory over Canada’s Bill Wang.

“I expected the different format would be quite interesting to compete in and it certainly led to some interesting dynamics, said 22-year-old Zemdegs. “I had to change up my tactics because there were definitely incredibly fast speedcubers here today.”

Germany’s Ricky Meiler took home the top spot after a close win over Hungary’s Adam Barta in the Re-Scramble category.  Canadian Bill Wang emerged victorious over Philipp Weyer from Germany in the Fastest Hand category and an unprecedented Women-Only track had USA’s Dana Yi beat out Karina Beck from Denmark in a speedcubing showdown.

“Today was really fun. It was definitely different – especially the styles of competition,” say the 19-year-old Yi. “I hope this event helps women not feel intimidated to participate and compete in cubing.”

This year’s winners not only received their share of a $30,000 prize purse but also an unheard-of treat of a unique championship ring, similar to the official Super Bowl rings that only winning teams receive, made with yellow gold and sterling silver from Houston jeweler and diamond expert, Diamond Cutters International.


Speed Cubing Finals

  1. Feliks Zemdegs (Australia)
  2. Bill Wang (Canada)
  3. Sebastian Weyer (Germany)

Fastest Hand Finals (One-handed speedsolving)

  1. Bill Wang (Canada)
  2. Philipp Weyer (Germany)
  3. Andrey Che (Russia)

Rescramble Mixed 

  1. Ricky Meiler (Germany)
  2. Adám Barta (Hungary)
  3. Chris Mills (UK)

Speedcubing – Female

  1. Dana Yi (USA)
  2. Karina Beck (Denmark)
  3. Kalina Jakubowska (Poland)

What also made the competition unique was the presence of Hungarian architect and professor Ernö Rubik, the inventor of the Rubik’s Cube.  Created in 1974, it has since become the best-selling puzzle in the world and the speedcubing sport based around it has evolved just as fast. While it took the professor about a month to solve his first cube, now the world is competing to solve it the fastest since the first worldwide tournament was held in 1982 with the winning solve time of 22.95 seconds.  Today, the world record is 4.22 as of May 8, 2018 and was set by today’s winner, Feliks Zemdegs.

The Red Bull Rubik’s Cube World Championship is an event designed to challenge the world’s utmost Cube solvers in one of the most exhilarating emerging competitive sports. The inaugural season aspires to increase and diversify the competitive opportunities for speedcubers and create even more visibility to the sport.

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