Mosaics / Design and Create your own Mosaics

Design and Create your own Mosaics

Our guides and lessons make building mosaics with Rubik’s® Cubes easy. Borrow one of our Mosaic Builder Sets for a 6 week period – plenty of time to create multiple designs!

To create a mosaic template from your own image, we recommend This free online program allows you to use any picture you’d like. Upload your image and input the number of Rubik’s Cubes you have, and your picture is instantly converted to a template to build your own mosaic using Rubik’s Cubes. Use this video to see how it works.

Download the lesson Making Rubik’s Art for instructions on using, the free software program GIMP, and student designed mosaics using graph paper.

Making Rubik’s Art

Students will design their own picture, replicate it using 9 Rubik’s Cubes, and use photo editing apps to create larger Rubik’s mosaics. A lesson from Rubik’s Unit Study: The Geometry, The Art, The Solution.

Mosaic Lesson 1: Making a Multi Colored Cross

All digital images are composed of millions of squares or pixels. Creating mosaics using Rubik’s® Cubes is a great lesson in resolution and area.

Mosaic Lesson 2: Adding Multi Colored Corners

In this lesson, students will learn how to solve the corners of the upper face of the Rubik’s® Cube to a given pattern.

Mosaic Lesson 3: Pixels and Resolution

Students will apply the skill of solving the upper face of a Rubik’s® Cube to a given pattern to convert their drawings to Rubik’s® Cube mosaics.

How to Build Mosaics Lesson

Written by a high school teacher, this lesson gives tips on using the Intermediate Mosaic Guide.

Create Rubik’s Cube Mosaics Using GIMP

Upload your own picture to GIMP then create the Mosaic and templates for use in the classroom.

Create Mosaics Using Adobe Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop these step by step instructions walk you through the process to create your own templates.

Rubiks Cube Mosaic Building Guide

Rubiks Cube Mosaic Building Guide

Learn to create mosaics from ready-made templates or design your own. This comprehensive guide​ shows you just what you need to create a fun classroom activity using Rubiks cubes without needing to know how to solve the cubes first. Everyone can participate!

Rubiks Cube Mosaic Building Guide

Mosaic Contests

Mosaic Contests

Mosaic contests are run throughout the school year. Click on a link below for details and pictures.

Mosaic Contest Details

Recent Mosaic Contest Entries