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About the Competition Results and Leaderboard

Do you know K-12 students who are excited to put their Rubik’s Cube solving skills to the test? Can you solve the Rubik’s Cube?

Check out the fastest K-12 team and student solve times by searching on our Leaderboard Results Page!

Who can compete with the Rubik’s Cube leaderboard times?

Our Speed League Leaderboard shows the fastest Rubik’s Cube solve times that teams of students and solo competitors achieved at our You Can do the Rubik’s Cube competitions. Teams and solo cubers with the top six fastest times within each division are officially recognized as Rubik’s Cube Elite Teams or Cubers.

Team results are from competitions starting with the 2016-17 school year. The times were achieved by teams of up to eight students who collectively solved 25 cubes.

Team members may also compete solo. The solo results are for a one time solve of a Rubik's Brand Cube during the school year. The Leaderboard can be displayed by division (Division 1 – elementary, Division  2– middle school, Division 3– high school) and/or by state, team/organization or student’s name. Use the filter to see who is competing and ranking near you!

How fast can you can solve the Rubik’s Cube?

Can you challenge other students and join Rubik’s Cube Elite? Teachers -  create a team, get practicing and join one of our competitions which take place across the US. Don’t see one in your area?  Ask about hosting a competition! These events are full of lots of determination… and great fun!

You and your school team could become part of the exclusive group of Rubik’s Cube Elite teams and cubers. Achieve a top six place with an amazing Rubik’s Cube solve time and you will rank!

Check out your competition…

Our Speed League Leaderboard shows you the results of You Can do the Rubik’s Cube competitions.

How does your solve time compare? Can you join Rubik’s Cube Elite?

There’s one way to find out – get involved! Visit the Regional Competitions page then ask a teacher to form and coach a team!

See results from past Competitions.