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Rubik’s Competition FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Rubik's Cube Competitions

What are my responsibilities as a coach?

As a Rubik's Cube Coach, you have 4 very important responsibilities:

  1. Communicate with your team and ensure they understand the rules.
  2. Complete and submit all required online forms and paperwork.
  3. Start & stop timer during your team’s round of the competition.
  4. If needed as an Official, you may be responsible for scrambling or judging.  


How does the team round run? What do I do as coach?

While you are not actually solving the cube, you are an integral part of your team and will be operating the timer for your team. Don't worry, we will demonstrate use of the timers and allow you an opportunity to test starting and stopping. When all teams are ready, the event Emcee will instruct you to begin and each team will start at their own pace. Before you start the timer, your team must have their hands flat on the table and when you say “GO”, they can remove the cover from the cubes and begin solving. Once the cubes are all solved and you stop the timer, the team is no longer permitted to touch the cubes until the time is recorded. Each team will be monitored by a Team Judge to make sure the rules are followed. The Team Judge will inspect the cubes and record the time, number of cubes solved and any penalties on the scorecard. As Teacher/Coach you will verify the information and initial the scorecard. The Team Judge will hand in the scorecard to the Competition Judge.  More information can also be found in the Rule Booklet.


Do we have to bring a set of cubes (25)?

Yes, you need to bring a set of 25 Rubik’s brand 3x3 cubes to the competition. You can borrow a set via our Competition Cube Lending Program or purchase a set. If you do not have a set on competition day, you may be able to borrow a set from the competition host or another team. Each event has a unique code to use when requesting to borrow cubes, there is no cost to borrow the cubes and with the code you will also receive a prepaid shipping label to return the cubes after the competition.

Can a student be on more than one team?

A student can be on only one team per division.  Example: A 5th grader can compete on a Division 1 and Division 2 team at the same event, but can’t be on two Division 1 teams.


What division is my team?

The division of your team is determined by the grade level of the team’s oldest member. Division 1 is K-5th grade; Division 2 is 6th- 8th grade; Division 3 is 9th-12th grade.

This is our first competition, what tips do you have for us?

Our tips for newbie teams are 1) have the kids pass the Cubes to each other (if one students is better at the last stages then have them finish them up), 2) don't throw the Cubes on the table once solved (it can rotate out of a solved state or break), 3) keep track of scrambled vs solved Cubes by starting with the white face up when scrambled and place them yellow face up when solved, 4) have fun!


Can one of my students compete only in the solo heat?

Only the students that are registered on your team roster may compete solo. The team roster allows for 8 members plus 2 alternates.  Any of those 10 students may compete in the solo heat.


Can  students compete only in the team heat?

Yes.  A student can compete in the team heat and choose not to compete in the solo event.


Will snacks be served? Can food be brought to the venue? Will food be available for purchase?

This varies by venue. Check with the event coordinator / You CAN Do the Rubik's Cube Ambassador.

May family members watch the competition?

Yes, they are welcome to attend.

Why must team rosters be provided by a certain date and may I change the roster?

The team roster acts as your final commitment to attend. We ship supplies based on the number of students from team rosters so the deadlines for the rosters must be held so we have time to prepare and ship supplies. You may change your roster after submitting by emailing the event host or YCDTRC staff member who is coordinating the competition. 

Why do we have to complete photo/records releases?

Many of our events are held in public places.  We can't control who takes photos.  Photos of the events are often shared on our Facebook page, but students are not identified by name. The FERPA records release allows YCDTRC to post the times from the competitions along with the student names, grade levels, and schools. 

May team members pass the cubes to each other?

Yes your team is encouraged to work together to collectively solve the Cubes and they may pass them to each other.

Why can't we use cubes that are not Rubik's Brand Cubes?

The competitions are sponsored by the Rubik's Brand. You may use any 3x3 Rubik's Brand Cube - stickered, tiled, or Speed Cube.  Please see the Rule Booklet, page 6, for more information about Cubes.  


What are the rules for the Solo Event at the competitions? 

  • Any student on a registered team can participate.
  • Coaches will indicate on the Team Roster online form which members of your team wish to compete in the Solo Event.
  • Each student will only get ONE ATTEMPT.  
  • Please download the Rule Booklet for more information on the Solo Procedure.

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