25 Rubik's Cube Competition Set

Please complete the form below to request a Rubik's Cube Math Education Set on loan. You may borrow the set from your requested start date until 1 week after your competition. All fields are required.

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1 week after the competition

We can ship you either English or Spanish Solution Guides or English and Spanish.

Agreement Terms

Please read each line and if in agreement check the box.

I am a teacher or youth director employed by the organization noted above.
I will keep the box the set was shipped in and use it for the return shipment. If I lose the box I understand I am responsible for finding a new one.
I agree to return the outside shipping box and all the Rubik's Cubes and postmark the return shipment by the "end date" shown above.
I will return the package via UPS or other traceable currier and I will provide the tracking number if requested.
I understand I will pay the return shipping cost. For planning purposes, the average return shipping cost for 1 Set of 25 cubes is $17 (East Coast) to $22 (West Coast).
If we damage any cubes or any are missing I will purchase replacements at my local retailer and return a complete set.
I understand that I may not lubricate these cubes for the competition and if any are returned that have been lubricated I will be billed $9.99 to replace them.
I will return the storage/shipping box, all the cubes, 1 USB by the agreed upon date or I understand I will be billed a $100 late fee 7 days after the "end date" above and $100 each month after until the set is returned. Should I lose the USB, I will include a check made out to "Kroeger" for $20.
I will inspect all cubes as soon as the set arrives and alert HollyR@SevenTowns.com about any damaged cubes.
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This agreement becomes null and void in the event of incorrect or fraudulent information submitted by the user (you). You Can Do The Rubik's Cube reserves the right to review all applications and to refuse service to applicants deemed high risk.

Odyssey of the Mind is proud to be working in conjunction with the You CAN Do The Rubik's Cube Program to help students across the U.S. and beyond realize their potential while emphasizing teamwork, "outside of the box" thinking, and creativity.

Odyssey of the Mind
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