Teach Math with a Twist Holding the Rubik's Cube, twisting and turning the parts, can help children of all ages grasp important math concepts including area, perimeter, volume, angles, algorithms and enumeration, among many other geometry and algebraic topics. Some teachers are even using the Rubik's Cube to teach life lessons and 21st century skills such as focus, following directions, memorization, sequencing, problem solving, critical thinking, and perseverance.

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New lessons are now available with a focus on STEM concepts. All lessons are aligned to National Standards and Common Core Standards.

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Solution Kit

Kit includes 12 Official Rubik's Cubes, 1 CD with complete Instructional Curriculum, 1 Secondary curriculum CD, 20+ standards based lessons and activities and MORE!

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Complete curriculums for educators to teach solving the Rubik's Cube and aligned to National, Common Core and 21st Century skills. CDs included in the Education Kit or sold separately in printed form.

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Can't get enough of the Cube? Show your support for our community initiative by downloading one of these original You CAN Do The Rubik's Cube badges and posting it on your blog, Facebook, or website.

Odyssey of the Mind is proud to be working in conjunction with the You CAN Do The Rubik's Cube Program to help students across the U.S. and beyond realize their potential while emphasizing teamwork, "outside of the box" thinking, and creativity.

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