Mosaics / Build Mosaics with Rubik’s Cubes

Build Mosaics with Rubik’s Cubes

If you can solve one face of a Rubik’s® Cube, you can create some fantastic mosaics!

With just a few cubes or hundreds, creating mosaics is a fun team-building classroom activity. Use our Mosaic Lessons and/or our Mosaic Building Guides to get started.

You can use our ready-made templates or create your own designs. To make a Rubik's Cube mosaic, you don't need to know how to solve all 3 layers of the cube. Students apply the skills from stages 2 and 3 - making a white cross and placing the white corners - to make a multi-colored cross and place multi-colored corners.

The creativity was abounding and all of the math we have learned through this project has made a profound difference. We want to sincerely thank you for this authentic learning opportunity! Dawn Straith Hillel Day School of Metropolitan Detroit
Rubiks Cube Mosaic Building Guide

Rubiks Cube Mosaic Building Guide

Learn to create mosaics from ready-made templates or design your own. This comprehensive guide​ shows you just what you need to create a fun classroom activity using Rubiks cubes without needing to know how to solve the cubes first. Everyone can participate!

Rubiks Cube Mosaic Building Guide

Mosaic Contests

Mosaic Contests

Mosaic contests are run throughout the school year. Click on a link below for details and pictures.

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Borrow a Set

Borrow a Mosaic Set

Schools and Youth Organizations may borrow mosaic builder sets for 6 weeks and only pay return shipping. Reserve yours now!

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Build your own Mosaics with our Ready-Made Templates

Use our Mosaic Templates

​We have many templates to create small and large mosaics.

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