Mosaics / Borrow a Set

Borrow a Set

Borrow one of our Mosaic Builder Sets for 6 weeks, plenty of time to create multiple designs!

Choose a set size based on the image you want to create, number of participating students, display size/location, and return shipping costs.

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Educators and youth directors may apply to borrow a set via the applications below. We will process your application, check inventory and usually respond usually within 24 hours.

3x3 50-Cube Mosaic Set

3x3 100-Cube Mosaic Set

3x3 225-Cube Mosaic Set

3x3 400-Cube Mosaic Set

3x3 600-Cube Mosaic set

2x2 48-Cube Mosaic Set

2x2 72-Cube Mosaic Set

2x2 90-Cube Mosaic Set

2x2 180-Cube Mosaic Set